5 workspace ideas

If you lack motivation to go to work (whether at home or some place else) here are 5 ideas, hopefuly will inspire you to change your working space to a more motivating one.

5 – image from inspiration.teodorik.com


4- image from remainsimple.us


3- myidealhome.tumblr.com


2- image from ideenagi.tumblr.com


1- image from blog.poketo.com




Add yours →

  1. love the coat hanger idea! I will definitely do this 🙂

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  2. Which would you choose? I would maybe go with the first. I work from home and unfortunately have to use my daughter’s room. We live in New York, and space is at a premium. We didn’t think it would work at first but she relegated her desk to me. So I can’t really design the space.


  3. I love the third workspace. It looks pretty right for me! Great job!


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