Style inspiration : Amber heard in 2014

Oxford shoes, ripped jeans, classy dress, red lips, wavy hair, Amber style is indeed simple, smart and sexy. This is why we just can’t get enough from her effortless and glomorous looks.

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  1. The floppy hat is cute, (maybe too Deppish though) although she has such beautiful hair probably better to leave it bare. I have to admit that I dislike jeans with precut holes and slices. (It’s another thing when they wear out naturally, but to buy them with pieces ripped open…I always think whatever designer came up with this may be having a good laugh.) The other style she wore in one of these pictures is one I am not fond of from the 1980s. That’s a very long skirt with this thigh high slit. Personally, I think a much better 1980s look is the cool red leather miniskirts from Robert Palmer’s models.

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  2. I don’t even know who she is, but I love how she can pull of any look whether she’s dressed up or down. I can tell she’s very aware of herself and what she can pull off and what she looks good in any type of style because it looks as if she has a few as opposed to specific one.

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